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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cons I Wish I Was Going To: TCAF

Sometimes I like to pretend I'm a webcomic artist. So, even though I rarely update my site, I still enjoy cons like TCAF. Not to mention a bunch of my favorite webcomic artists also attend this event. I'm pretty damn jealous.

Of course, I had never heard of TCAF until I started reading webcomics and learned many of artists exhibit there. TCAF seems like an interesting concept of a con. I've been to APE before, but this seems like a cross between APE and a generic comic festival. Mostly a place to celebrate comics and other types of press without the Hollywood movie factor you find at most comic cons. I appreciate "cons" of this type because I really have chance to chat with some of my favorite artists and support their work directly. Typically, it seems, that all transactions made between you and an artist directly supports the artist and cuts out the middleman. Another thing that's wonderful about this con is all the events they have for children. It's very much a family friendly con.

Artists I would've love to say hi to that will be at TCAF
Evan Dahm - Creator of Rice Boy
Jess Fink - Creator of Chester 5000 XYV
KC Green -Creator of Gun Show
Jeph Jacques - Creator of Questionable Content
Lucy Knisley - Creator of Stop Paying Attention
Dylan Meconis - Creator of Bite Me
Erika Moen - Creator of Dar
Kel McDonald - Creator of Sorcery 101
Angela Melik - Creator of Wasted Talent
James O'Barr - Creator of The Crow
Aaron Diaz - Creator of Dresden Codak
Meredith Gran - Creator of Octopus Pie
Sam Logan - Creator of Sam and Fuzzy
Dave Kellett - Creator of Sheldon
Faith Erin Hicks - Creator of Zombies Calling
Michael Jonathan - Creator of Eros Inc.
Vera Bee - An amazing illustrator
Kt Shy - Creator of Shrub Monkeys
Danielle Corsetto - Creator of Girls with Slingshots

Programming that I would've liked to see
Saturday, May 7th
A19 Ask a Freelancer Learning Centre 2:30-3:15 (hosted by two of my favorite ladies from Periscope Studios and the wonderful Lucy Knisley)
A20 Design Learning Centre 3:20-4:10
A21 This Comic Isn't About Me: Gender, Sexuality and Race in Comics Learning Centre 4:15-5 (one of my illustrator inspirations, Erika Moen, will be a host on this panel as well)

Sunday, May 8th
U2 Illustration The Pilot 12:30-1:30
U4 Studio Tour The Pilot 3-4 (I am always curious about artists studios and Jeph Jaques is a panelist)
U10 Comics Storytelling Beeton Room 4:05-5 (I have a huge crush on James O'Barr)

I do hope sometime in the near future to be able to attend this con and report back on it. Til then I hope everyone who went had a great time.

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