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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Anaheim Comic-Con: Day 2

Today has been a pretty damn awesome day. Since H4773r didn't need to be at the Armor-Geddon booth until 1pm we decided to take a trip to Disneyland. It meant another early morning, but I love Disney so it was worth it. We went on our favorite main rides and met up with a friend for lunch. Somehow I missed this gem in the all the years I went to Disney. We sing this song all the time around the theatre.

Since today was the main day and the D20 Girls would be helping with the costume contest (both the children's and adults) later I dressed in the only costume I brought-C0n FaIry! I met another D20 Girl-Crumpet and someone else that Kryssie would be interviewing, GNB Cosplay. I did use today to get a few pics of the cosplayers around. After being at the booth for a bit we finally made our way upstairs to judge the cosplay. Actually we weren't even sure if we were judging the cosplay. We had so little knowledge on what we were actually supposed to do: judge? M.C.? or both? When we got upstairs there was still a bit of confusion. Wizard World wanted us to do both, as there were only 3 of us D20 Girls we trying to figure out who would M.C., who would judge and who would kid rangle. Then the Winner twins showed up. Apparently they would help with the judging as well. Cool. So Kryssie M.C.'d, Crumpet kid rangled, and I helped with judging along with the twins.

I'm going put this out right now: I had no clue who the Winner twins were. I just knew they had booth in the celebrity section and had books they were selling. I actually like it this way. Then I don't fan girl over people and can actually concentrate on what I'm supposed to be doing.

Here's video that Wizard World did of the contest.

After the children's costume contest we took a small break to re-group and get ready for the adult's contest. We knew that Jason C. Miller (yet another celebrity I knew nothing about) would be helping us and we figured that Kryssie would M.C. again and Crumpet and I would help with judging. Then as we were dicussing with Wizard World staff how we'd run the adult contest we learned that the hosts of Down the Road Show would take care of the M.C. work. Kryssie was able to join us for the judging. We had a great time with everyone and I would love to do it again.

After the costume contest ended H4773r and I booked it back to Disney to get some use out of our passes. We had a great, but exhausting day.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Anaheim Comic-Con: Day 1

Another early day for us. Breakfast at the McDonald's by Disneyland followed by setting up the Amor-Geddon booth. We only had the one booth space, which is a 10x10. But it still took the three of us (myself, H4773r, and N.B.L.) about 4 hours to get everything into place.

My biggest complaint about the setup was the lack of lighting. We're using our knives to open boxes as well as displaying items with sharp points and working in very dim lighting. They didn't actually turn on the main lights until about 30 minutes before the con hall opened.

Also, it felt like we were in forgotten land. We left the boxes out on the floor because we were told they'd be picked up. And the ones we wanted saved would also be picked up. No one ever from the union actually came around to pick anything up. One of the custodial ladies came by and asked us if the boxes were trash and took them. The save for boxes we had to take to the union people.

After set-up H4773r and I went to get lunch. We decided on Baja Fresh, which is located in the Hilton's "food court." Their food court also includes Starbucks, Just Grillin, Submarina, S'Barro, and Mix Restaurant. This is slightly better than paying for con food, where prices range from $2-$5 for snacks and $4.25 (hot dogs) - $9.50 (pizza) for actual food.

After food H4773r and I had an extended break. I decided to catch up on my internet stuff. Internet options for the Anaheim Convention Center include free wifi, exhibitor wifi ($99.95/day), and pay-for wifi. Since it's impossible to sign onto the free internet I wound up walking all the way back to the McDonald's for wifi signal. (If anyone knows of anything closer, please do tell.)

I finally had the chance to walk around the hall right as it opened. The space is actually pretty small, to me. I'd compare it to slightly larger then the Fanime vendor room at the San Jose Convention Center.

I did spend some time assisting H4773r and N.B.L. at the Armor-Geddon booth until Kryssie arrived. Since I knew she would be alone and I wanted to get to know her and more about the D20 Girls Project, I wandered over to her table and pretty much spent the rest of my evening hanging out with her.

I'll admit I felt pretty undressed in comparison to Kryssie. She was dressed as Typhoid Mary and I...well I was wearing a cute skirt, a "Kick Ass" comic shirt, and boots. I just ran out of time to pull together a decent cosplay outfit.

The hall was only open from 5p-9p on Friday, but it felt like a ridiculously long day. I also didn't see any panels because I was at the D20 booth all evening.

Before calling it a night H4773r and I grabbed dinner at the Denny's right across from Disneyland. I really like this Denny's. The customer service is fast and great.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Anaheim Comic-Con: Day 0

So we were supposed to leave at 5am this morning. Yeah, that didn't happen. Long story short: someone broke into Armor-Geddon and The Ninja Boss Lady (N.B.L.) had to take care of business before we could leave town. Since I was already awake I took the extra time I had to go running. By the time I came home, showered, ate breakfast, and checked my feeds everything was better and we could finally leave town.

I always forget how long the drive is and how sick(motion sickness) I get. I made it all the way to the Tejon hills before my body started giving out. The last few hours to Anaheim were pure torture. And we kept running into traffic due to car accidents.

By the time we made it the Anaheim convention center were pretty much out of time to unload, not to mention N.B.L. hadn't arrived yet. H4773r and I went to get our badges so we could unload the few items he had in his car but we were denied because N.B.L. still owed a balance. We managed to still get out the few items H4773r had in his car and were about to leave when we found out N.B.L. was pulling in with van. We just managed to get our badges and then had just enough time to unload the van before the hall shutdown. Actually the hall stayed open just a bit later so we could unload. So thankful.

H4773r and I decided to get dinner in Downtown Disney and then discussed whether or not we'd actually try to spend any money/time in Disneyland. Since we're working most of the time I didn't want to spend a lot of money on 2- or 3-day passes. We finally decided on a 1-day pass for Saturday since we start working later and the park will still be open after the con closes. After dinner we wandered a bit and then made our way to Irvine, which is where our hotel is.

The Crowne Plaza Hotel in Irvine is beautiful and even though it's a drive away, it's not too far. The rest of the evening was spent unwinding from the long day.

I'm super exhausted and can't wait to sleep. We have another long day ahead tomorrow.