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Monday, January 16, 2012

Con Review: SGIS Con 6 - We're Going to Camp

Another year of SGIS Con has come and gone. Again it was quite a success and we appreciate everyone for coming out to join us and celebrate the birth of H4773r.

H4773r had decided that he wanted to do a "camp" theme this year so we did a menu change up and instead of offer our usual pasta/carb heavy meals we went with stew/chowder, hot dogs, and baked potatoes. Dessert menus included Smore's, flan, and peach cobbler. This year we had 21 attendees, including myself and H4773r.

As usual our weekend went: everyone slowly trickle in on Friday, party hard Saturday and Sunday with lots of boards games and RPGs and drinking, and a fond farewell Monday morning. Typically Saturday day is filled with people trekking out into the snow, but as the weather has been unusually dry this year everyone went into town for some thrifting. Also, some went out on Sunday for lunch to a local cafe and brewery. Our friend Ryan ran the first RPG Saturday night, Pathfinder and then H4773r ran a new game on Sunday night, also Pathfinder. Both groups had a great time.

Sad Geek was awarded to "Klause", who accepted graciously. Many thanks to LisaLisa, Rabbit, Paul and Sexy Chris for all their help in the kitchen. Extra kudos to LisaLisa for helping us set up and clean.

Side note: I will admit this con was extremely rough for me this year. I just didn't work up the energy to want to get all the work done and would not have minded if SGIS was "postponed" this year. And even while at the event I noticed I preferred to just keep to myself. I felt especially run down and bunch of crap happened that made this weekend stressful. I do hope that next year I will find my enthusiasm for this event or that, perhaps, we take a break.

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