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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Fanime 2015: Day 0

Hel-lo! Welcome to the superduperlongfuntime Fanime blog! This is a long overview of my weekend, what we did, what we saw, etc. I'm hoping to have the corresponding vlog up soon, keep an eye out for updates.

In order to make this blog more manageable I decided to split it up day-by-day. Also, I didn't include very many photos in the following blogs for Fanime because I was too busy taking video. (Note: Once I get around to video editing I'm going to try and screenshot some scenes and add them here.)

And lastly, the roundup is just a quick rundown of my recommendations on where to eat, what to see, costs of badges, parking, and hotels. So if you just want the quickie version click here.


I was lucky enough to have most of Thursday off. This gave me some time to catch up on sleep and mentally prep for the upcoming weekend. I had to wait until H4773r was done with work before we could leave, but as soon as he was ready we booked it over to the convention center. We made it there just after 7pm and what do you know? No line ride! Again! Now that the convention center has finished it's remodeling and Fanime has it's shit together that 6 hour line ride is dead! (Note: there wasn't a single long line for badges all weekend long.)

H4773r and I just after badge pick up
So we quickly picked up our badges and then met up with some friends. After a small discussion we decided to head out and away from the con to buy some necessities and get dinner. We settled at the Coleman Plaza. This plaza is a short driving distance from the con and has quite a few shops and restaurants. I chose to eat at Smashburger and everyone else enjoyed some L and L Hawaiian BBQ. We finished our errands and then headed back to the con.

I wanted to check out the swap meet, mostly to find a friend I hadn't seen for awhile. And success! We found a CJ! We caught on life and ran into a few other friends as well.

And finally to round out the night, we headed to the game room. Not much was happening, but H4773r and Epyon Avenger did have a nostalgic moment with DDR.

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