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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Blizzcon Woes

Sadly, I will not be attending Blizzcon this year. I was lucky enough to be able to get tickets last year before it was sold out and had hoped to go again this year. Unfortunately, my work sucks rancid donkey balls and refused to give me the time off to go this year. Yet, another reason why I'm trying to leave. (in an ironic twist of fate, i was actually able to get in to battlenet and purchase tickets but of course didn't.) What really killed it for me is missing Ozzy. I actually like the "Prince of Darkness" a lot and have never seen him perform live. In a lame attempt to make me feel better, my boss told me that seeing him perform on his live DVD was the same as seeing him live in person, I tend to disagree.

Also I'm incredibly broke right now, so it is questionable whether or not we will even watch Blizzcon live. And of course I'm working this weekend, so I'd have to rely on H4773r to watch the entire weekend for me. Still debating of course, we have a couple of days.

H4773r is sad we'll be missing out on upcoming content. There are tons of rumors about for WoW on upcoming changes. Check out his blog for the rumors and what he thinks about it.

I know @geekgirldiva will be attending and is planning a tweetup for those interested.

Things I'm sad I'm missing: Ozzy (of course), the Guild (i love to fangirl stalk @feliciaday), Jay Mohr hosting the contests, the ability to play betas, and the PvP tournaments.

I really do hope H4773r can get us Blizzcon streaming and I'll be able to at least catch some of it.


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