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Thursday, July 30, 2009

San Diego Comic-con, Wrap-up

Things I missed because I didn't have 4 days passes: Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" and Johnny "Fucking" Depp, Amanda Palmer's NINJA session, all the Mythbuster sightings including their panel, the Kevin Smith panel. More chances to see Neil Gaiman, Amanda Palmer, and Felicia Day. More time to explore the Exhibit Hall.

Things I missed completely out of ignorance: Greg Dean

Things I missed because we didn't get a hotel room: All parties to meet and greet, a live showing of Repo! with a shadow cast, hanging with GeekgirlDiva, talking webcomics with Scott Kurtz, meeting Grant Imahara at Hard Rock, getting tickets to get into autograph sessions, etc.

Lessons learned: Really even with a transit system that stays open later and opening up several parking locations in the area, you can not beat getting a hotel room close to the con. The transit system just doesn't run late enough for my liking and the money you'll spend on parking as well the headache that comes from trying to find parking makes you want to kill yourself. If you can, find someway to get a fucking hotel room. OR, have none geeky friends who owe you big favors to chaueffer you around for the weekend, i.e. dropping you off and picking you up at insane hours.

Also, I had a major contact malfunction. I'm going to be considering LASIK soon.

And to be completely contradictory, I'm considering attending APE without getting hotel room. But in my defense, APE is fairly local and doesn't sound like it has crazy parties going on. It sounds like more of a meet and greet for all alternative press. So basically I'm going to learn more about webcomics, as well as stalk more webcomic artists.

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