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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Where the monies go

This post if a follow up for SGIScon.

Quite a few people wonder how much it takes to run the con, where the money goes exactly, and if H4773r and I make a profit. This long blog post is about such business. H4773r had originally announced he'd hold a Saturday meeting for SGIS biz, but no one really seemed interested in hearing about it. I know that doesn't stop the curiousity so I'm going to post the info anyway. Here's general info about the con: we asked $25 a person if you're staying the whole weekend and $15 a person if you staying a day. The weekend is defined by Friday (usually afternoon) til Monday afternoon. What the money gets you: heat! (it takes funding to keep the propane tank going all weekend), a small con token, the Sad Geek award for the winner, and FOOD! Over 95% of the funding is toward food/food related materials. H4773r's family has been nice enough in the past to give us some food donations to help us out, although this year's donation was smaller than last year's. Con goers are always allowed to take food home, whether you pack a sandwich and chips to go or take a whole 2 liter of unopened soda. Since you paid for it you get to keep it. I insist you take food home. INSIST!!!! If for any reason we have extra money left over, people get money back (no joke). So no, H4773r and I don't make any profit from this at all. In fact, we've lost money every year putting this event together. This year we came short $114.65. Let me show you why...

Here's the entire list of what we bought for SGIS Con this year
3 packs bacon
3 meat lasagnas
2 3 gallons of milk
1 carton of oranges
4 gallons of OJ
6 lb. salad (3 lb each)
1 package of cutlerly
10 dozen eggs
1 package of apples
2 cheese pizzas
1 pepperoni pizza
1 all meat pizza
1 package of bowls
1 package of red cups
6 loaves of bread
6 loaves of garlic bread (3 each package)
1 package of plates
4 rolls of toilet paper
4 gladware bowls
1 package of garbage bags
1 bottle of syrup
4 bags of cereal
1 bottle of honey
1 bottle of mustard
1 bottle of canola oil
1 package of butter
1 jar of strawberry jam
5 lbs. of spaghetti
2 air fresheners
1 jar of mayo
1 bottle of Itilian dressing
1 bottle of ranch dressing
1 jar of PB
1 bottle of parmesean cheese
1 package of Swiss (12 slices)
2 packages of pepper jack (24 slices)
1 package of American (24 slices)
2 packages of shredded carrots
2 cucumbers
2 packages of sliced mushrooms
1.74 lb of tomatoes
5 packages of ham (16 slices each)
3 packages of salami (16 slices each)
1 package of sandwich baggies
2 boxes of pancake mix
3 jars of spaghetti sauce
1 package of tea
1 bag of shredded cheese
1 sm package of spaghetti
1/4 sheet cake
1 package of icing
2 tubes of icing
1 2 gallon of milk
2.45 lbs of ground beef
7 lbs of ice
4 rolls of toilet paper
3 bags of chips
7 limes
1 bag of m&m's
2 boxes of Chips Ahoy cookies
1 package of turkey (16 slices)
2 packages of Oreos
2 bottles of cola
2 bottles of dr west
1 bottle of ginger ale
1 bottle of tonic
1 Leia bobble head
6 packs of Star Wars cards
Filling the propane gas tank

Which total's out to about $619.65

Here's the list of what H4773r's mom donated
1 box nutty butters
1 package chex mix cocoa
1 package muddy buddies
11 12 packs of soda
1 bag pretzels
1 bag fritos
1 bag tortilla chips
1 bag cheezeits
1 2 gallon apple juice
1 bag fritos
1 bag potato chips
7 bottles of soda

Which came to about $50

If all my guests had shown up and paid we'd only have brought in $585. As it was not eveyone showed up and not everyone was able to pay. I'll admit there was some not great planning on my part. But we had about 27 people that we supposed to be there eating and I still had food leftover because not everyone showed up. The things we ran out of and had to buy at the supermarket in Arnold really hurt the budget as well. But it just seems to happen. Of course next year I'll make adjustments again and buy less of some items and more of other items. (i have lists and lists of everything from what we bought to what we ran out of to what was suggested for next year.) Hopefully get some donations or will be able to raid parent's fridges/pantries for basics (like oil and butter). But we may very well raise the price up to $30. Again shit happens that we can't control. People say they'll come and then don't. The propane tank is low. Family doesn't have the funds to donate as much food. Ecetera, ecetera. Really what I'd like from our guests is an accurate head count (please show up if you say you will) and bring your "registration" money if you didn't manage to pay in advance.

And for those who say, "Wow, that's a lot of bitching and a lot of money to lose. Why the hell would you keep doing it?" The answer is because my fiance is an awesome guy. And if his birthday wish is to celebrate by having 20 friends and friends of friends show up at his grandma's cabin and party by playing all sorts of geeky games, then so be it. Besides, over the 95% of the people that do come are awesome people and we've both made new friends that I appreciate.

I'd like to give some special thanks to Chris Thomas, Shawn and Stephanie for all their help and hard work. If you read this post and would like to pitch in and help H4773r and I pay some bills this month because we were over our budget please hit up the donate pay pal button. Thanks again everyone.

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