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Monday, January 3, 2011

The January List

Unfortunately the con I will be attending this month is S.G.I.S. Con. Registration is now open!

However there are some great cons coming up this month, that hopefully someday I'll get to attend.

Anime Los Angeles, January 7-9
Gina Biggs who writes "Red String" is one of my faves to look out for at this con. She is so sweet in person.

Sac-Anime, January 7-9
I spent 5 years living in Sacramento. Be sure to stop by "Old Town" and take in the tourist-y sites.

This con appears to have a great guest line up, particularly "The Walking Dead" guests.. Again, I've never been and would use this con as opportunity to check out Arizona.

Albuquerque Comic Con, January 15-16
I'll be honest, I had no idea New Mexico held a comic-con event. I think I'd like to go sometime and get my comic geek on, as well as take in some sights.

Wizard World hosts 18 comic cons throughout the year. While I've never attended a con hosted by Wizard, I can't imagine that aside from the venue/atmosphere around the venue the cons really differ much in programming/set-up. They do have a great selection of guests and have local fan clubs as well.

A quick update on San Diego Comic Con:
They did a test registration on Dec. 15th which, of course, sold out. The official statement is they are now analyzing the results of the test registration, which implies that there are more badges to be purchased in the future. One can only hope.

Be sure to get your con geek on this month!

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