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Sunday, January 9, 2011

S.G.I.S. Con V

(Image courtesy of Willow San)

So, one of the cons I "attend" is actually one we host. A quick background to about this "con." H4773r decided in 2005 that they're wasn't enough con action happening in January. In order to rectify this he suggested that we throw a con to celebrate his birthday (seriously). This is now our 5th year hosting said con/party. It varies from 15-25 of friends and friends of friends. Now, that's out of the way let's get to business.

First, here's the latest guest list:
1. The Epyon Avenger
2. LisaLisa
3. Rabbit
4. Speckley
5. F3rr3t
6. F3rr3t's gf
7. Alvin
8. Matt
9. Kristina
10. Jenyne
11. Dana
12. Dana's fiance
13. Jordan Explosion
14. Pending payment-Sexy Chris
15. Pending payment-Twilight
16. Pending payment-Mar Mar
17. Pending payment-Lil Jon

Now the question on everyone's mind: Bed Situation!
There are exactly 3 beds (this does not include loose mattresses in the loft). The beds are a queen bed and a bunk bed set in the Master bedroom. That is it, peeps. Sorry. So you can arrive as early as 9am Friday and beds are first come, first serve. We will not hold beds for you. There is enough room in the master bedroom to add an inflatable mattress. There is also some room in the loft for another inflatable mattress. Otherwise it's whatever floor space on the ground floor level you can find. We do have more couples coming this time so beware. Also, we have limited bedding supplies so do bring your own pillows, blankets, sleeping bags, etc.

Food: (This post is mainly for the newcomers)
We feed you essentially 3 main meals a day. And we provide some drinks. However, if there's a special snack you like or energy drink you want you'll need to bring your own. That also goes for alcohol. There is a full grocery store nearby the cabin that also sells alcohol, as well as everything else you'd need, but it's ridiculously over-priced. Also our theme this year is Tea Party. So we encourage everyone to bring their favorite tea to share, and possibly a few teapots as well. We would like to schedule a daily tea time if possible.

Schedule: is just as loose as before. Drinking will mostly likely commence on Friday night and continue on Saturday night. I believe most will want to go to the snow sometime on Saturday. There will be a D&D game, mostly roll a character on Friday and play Saturday and Sunday. Also we'll be celebrating H4773r's birthday Saturday night instead of Sunday because he has a WoW raid on Sunday (priorities, right?)

Last note, we have always stressed that birthday presents are not necessary. That the monies, which contribute to food and heat, and company are plenty. But, if anyone is feeling extra generous H4773r and T1nk would not mind if someone got us an actual tea pot, as brewing one cup at a time sucks.

We can't wait to see everyone! Please, please call us or email us or facebook us immediately if you have any questions.


  1. So I'll be getting paid tomorrow and will get Tony his due on Wednesday. Will be bringing tea, teapots and accessories. May I put in a request for extra bacon? If not, I will definitely stop by costco and pick up some extra.

  2. We will add extra bacon if you bring your own Saracha.

    Also, as a note meals will go as follows: Breakfast~eggs, bacon, pancakes, and cereal. Lunch~make your own sandwiches. Dinner Friday will be pizza, Saturday will be lasagna, and Sunday will be spaghetti.

  3. Also, everyone is now considered paid.