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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

San Diego Comic-con, Saturday

Today was our last day to enjoy Comic-con. I really only had two panels to catch and the rest of the day was planned to wander the Exhibit Hall and get photo ops with people I'd missed the day before.

As per usual we were running late, but got there in enough time to catch everything. Also, H4773r was kind enough to drop us off again so we could enjoy the con. This time he parked on

Harbor and Sigsbee St. This was a good 6+ blocks away from the convention center and had free parking BUT I wouldn't recommend leaving any valuables in your car and leaving there late at night. It just didn't seem like the safest area.

My goal was to start at one end of the Exhibit Hall and work my way through all the alleys. That worked until I hit the main areas that had Marvel, DC, G4, WB, etc. The madness down those walkways was incredible. There was barely any room to move at all. Then I realized I
wouldn't even make it half-way through the hall before the panel started so I just gave up and started wandering.

I did find Frank Beddor and bought H4773r "Princess Alyss of Wonderland."

Shortly after getting something to eat and paying outrageous con prices we headed to our webcomic panel with Scott Kurtz, Brad Guigar, Dave Kellet, and Kris Straub. The panel was pretty informative and Scott Kurtz and Dave Kellet are pretty fucking funny. All the guys have collaborated to write "How to Make Webcomics" (which I bought). They also promoted their

sites and Webcomics Weekly (podcast). In addition they pretty much just talked about the biz: how you do everything yourself (from merchandising to advertising) and that it's the best way to retain all your rights; the importance of making something people want to read; that if you have 1000 true fans you can
maintain your business; and the most importance advice I learned from Kurtz "Solving the problem of where you're at." Meaning, let's say you have your comic online and have a few followers you might be concerned next with going to a con and setting up in artist alley. You should be solving that problem, not worrying about starting merchandise selling.

Right after the webcomic panel it was time for the Emo Boy panel. This upcoming movie will be
directed by Kyle Newman (also directed Fanboys) and will star Jaime King (from "Spirit" and "Sin City") and Lucas Cruikshank (of Fred fame). Newman also discussed other upcoming Vanguard films: Chupacabras, Alien Band, Space Chimps 2, and Oz Wars. Also we had the chance to meet and talk with Jaime King after the panel. She was incredibly nice, sweet and down to earth. By far a great actress to meet in person if you ever get the chance.

After Emo Boy I went back down the Exhibit Hall and got my photos with peeps.

MC Frontalot

Scott Kurtz

We were in a rush during dinner time because H4773r and I were going to catch Aftercon. So we ate literally at the first place that was decently priced and had a vegetarian option, Jolt N Joes. By vegetarian option I mean veggie burger, but whatever.

We parted ways with Pievuhg and took a ridiculously long walk back to the car. We made it to
the Aftercon venue, the Casbah, after 7:00pm but it didn't and we found free parking nearby. The show didn't start til rather late, 9:30-ish. The guys from Cyanide and Happiness were there premiering two new shorts, as well as Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal show off new clips in-between sets. YT Cracker was the first one up, followed by MC Frontalot, and the MC Lars. There was a special guest appearance by Zealous1. I really enjoyed the show. The guys are so enthusiastic and have tons of energy and in general, put on a great show. The initmate setting is perfect. I love how MC Lars has his music videos playing along while he raps. The night ended, for us, with MC Lars playing "Hot Topic is Not Punk Rock." We missed Doomtree, but it was late and I was so tired. Only complaints, one, MC Lars encouraging the crowd to mosh and having the one douchebag try to be hard core. He almost got his ass beat by another concert goer who didn't want to play with him. Also, I guess there was someone "famous" there. I couldn't figure out who she was for the life of me, but she had a papparazzo following her, taking pictures, with an obnoxious flash. I could've taken her but H4773r doesn't like to encourage my violence and I hate lawsuits.

There were a number of things happening after Aftercon, such as the experiment webcomic meetup with Scott Kurtz, drinks with Geekgirldiva, Repo! with shadow cast and special guests, and Mythbusters at Hard Rock. Unfortunately, we didn't go to any of these BECAUSE I could no longer afford parking for another day and I was still so fucking tired.

(NOTE: Next year we WILL get a hotel room by the convention center and have more Red Bull onhand.)

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